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Your donation fuels breakthroughs in PACS2 gene mutation research. It is not just a contribution, it's an investment in transforming lives of patients and their families.


In under a year, we've launched 8 projects and generated essential reagents, that are driving progress in the understanding of mechnism of action behind PACS2 syndrome. [See our impact here: LINK

Our mission is to cure PACS2 syndrome, and with your support, we're racing against time to make significant strides. In 2025, we anticipate to embark on our first clinical trials.

While we actively pursue grant opportunities, the urgency of our cause demands swift action. Our children can't afford to wait for publications and bureaucratic processes. Development windows are closing, and your donation becomes the vital "bridge" that propels us forward—bridging the gap between groundbreaking research and tangible solutions.

International supporters
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Poland-based friends

Dedicate 1,5% of your tax:
KRS: 0000396361

Cel szczegółowy: 0241927 Lena



Direct money transfer

PACS2 Research Foundation

ul. Platkow roz 2/15, 02-757 Warsaw, Poland


IBAN (depending on a currency):

PL39 1600 1462 1747 9702 6000 0002 (EUR)

PL12 1600 1462 1747 9702 6000 0003 (USD)

PL28 1600 1462 1747 9702 6000 0006 (GBP)

PL66 1600 1462 1747 9702 6000 0001 (PLN)

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