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...and be the part of the change for children suffering from ultra rare genetic mutation. 

Your dontation will serve as an investment in researches to drive treatment development for mutation in PACS2 gene.

We believe that this engagement will - in future - let PACS2 children live a full life

but ALSO it will have an impact on future treatment development for other genetic mutations. 

There are several dontation options:


You can pay with your PayPal account or with debit/credit card.


International crowdfunding portal.


Polish crowdfunding portal.

Direct money transfer

PACS2 Research Foundation

ul. Platkow roz 2/15, 02-757 Warsaw, Poland


IBAN (depending on a currency):

PL39 1600 1462 1747 9702 6000 0002 (EUR)

PL12 1600 1462 1747 9702 6000 0003 (USD)

PL28 1600 1462 1747 9702 6000 0006 (GBP)

PL66 1600 1462 1747 9702 6000 0001 (PLN)

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