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Born in September 2021


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Hudson stole our hearts and changed our lives for the better when he was born on September 22, 2021. He is full of so much joy, kindness, laughter, strength, and the best snuggles. The amount of love that flows through your heart when you welcome your first child is truly indescribable, each day greater than before.


Hudson experienced his first “episode” in December 2021, when he was eleven weeks old. This traumatic experience led us to a hospital stay that held many tests that were very heavy on the heart. Seven months later, Hudson experienced his first set of breakthrough seizures which led to more tests and medicine dose changes. Then, again, a few weeks later more breakthrough seizures – and finally, on his very first birthday a phone call that held the answer behind the seizures and global development delay – a gene mutation involving PACS2. This April, we will fly to Boston Children’s Hospital for greater guidance and understanding of PACS2. Through our journey, we hope to help other families, who may share similar medically complex experiences, to know that they are not alone. We are unsure of what the future holds, but we do know that Hudson holds the strength and unconditional love behind him to tackle any obstacles that come his way.

Current Medication:

- Vimpat

- Keppra

- Onfi


Current Therapy:

- Physical

- Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) Therapy - Hudson reponding very well!

- Occupational

- Speech/Feeding

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